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Introduction to off-road riding


The primary objective of this course is to teach participants how to ride safely on gravel roads. And off course to have FUN... that is after all the reason why we are involved in this sport!

The course focusses on the fundamentals of off-road riding and you are guaranteed to leave with more riding skills and with a better understaning of your own abilities and of your bike's abilities. All of this translates into getting more joy out of your motorcycle on a larger variety of terrain and conditions.

The morning's riding exercises are focussed on riding position, bike control and on getting rid of bad habits. By lunch time you will have used plenty of energy and appreciate that lunch is included in the entry fee!

After lunch you will participate in riding exercises that teach you how to handle emergency situations whilst riding on gravel roads. These are sure to get the adrenaline pumping, but rest assured... the exercises are performed in a controlled environment and under the watchful eyes of experienced instructors. There is no better place to learn these survival skills and most participants list the afternoon's exercises as their highlights for the day.

What you will learn

  • Which riding gear / protective clothing to use on your adventure / dual sport motorcycle.
  • Basic theory of how to ride a motorbike.
  • The correct body position for riding off-road.
  • Motorcycle throttle control, clutch control and brake control.
  • Basic off-road riding skills, tips and techniques.
  • Emergency braking on gravel roads.

Weekend, intermediate off-road riding


The primary objective of this course is to ensure that riders have the skills and confidence to enjoy their bikes on expeditions that include more than just gravel roads... steeper uphills and downhills, rocky paths, sandy tracks and much more.

The course teaches riding positions and technicques for different type of terrain on surfaces that are less flat and with less traction. It includes plenty of exercises that have been designed to teach you how to overcome obstacles such as rocks, holes, logs and sand. These include recovery techniques for when you do get yourself stuck, for when you have punctures or for when you suffer mechanical break downs.

One weekend to double your skills and halve your fears. This course is the biggest shortcut you can take towards becoming a competent off-road rider.

Join us for a weekend of thrills, learning and laughing!

What you will learn

  • Refresher of the theory and bike control exercises taught at the Introduction to off-road riding course, but with more detail, tighter tolerances for exercises and on different surfaces.
  • Bike setup for different riding conditions, puncture repair, basic trouble shooting and general maintenance.
  • Enhanced bike control that will enable you to execute the techniques required to overcome obstacles.
  • Techniques to overcome a variety of obstacles that you are likely to encounter on expeditions, including hills, rocks, holes, ruts, sand etc.
  • General advice about tool kits, luggage options and route planning.
  • LOTS more!

Accelerated weekend, intermediate off-road riding


You asked for it. Here it is. You have completed the Introduction to Off-Road Riding Course. You want to get maximum benefit and JOY from your biking investment, without spending money on travel and amazing venues. Join us for this weekend, without having to take time off work - pure learning and riding benefit for two days! Building on the skills gained from the Introduction training, without repeating all the detail, and covering the full Weekend Off-Road Riding Course program.

This two-day course is aimed at the the off-road/dual sport/adventure rider of some experience, who has had Introductory training in the specific skill set required for off-road riding. It is a very intensive course, which will not only help you build your confidence to take to off-road riding at any time, but also to help eradicate the bad habits of self taught riding and in general become a safer rider.

It is compulsory that you have attended our entry level course Introduction to off-road riding as we continue to build on the basics in this course. We believe that only when your basics are firm, will you be able to really excel and develop into a good rider.

If a weekend of thrills, of learning and laughing, whilst building yourself as an off-road rider, is what you expect, you will not be disappointed!

What you will learn

  • Theory of motorcycle dynamics in off-road conditions - understanding why and how the motorcycle responds to rider input
  • Being 100% in control of your motorcycle in all situations
  • Practical exercises in a wide range of terrain conditions, but in a safe and controlled environment
  • Lots of riding during the weekend!

Advanced off-road riding


There are those who possess the skill and confidence to venture into the unknown. Riders who attempt to follow every trail, regardless of where it leads. Their bikes ridden with equal portions of aggression and finesse. They embrace every obstacle along the way. They seek it... They are ADVANCED

Experienced off-road riders will be delighted by the four-day, advanced off-road riding course. The course is challenging and teaches the salient points of the craft. It is essential that you have mastered all the techniques taught at the intermediate course - and be riding fit - to fully benefit from the advanced course.

What you will be scored on

  • Level of skills
  • Overall fitness
  • Safety awareness
  • Environmental awareness
  • Overall "sharpness"
  • Level of camaraderie
  • Motorcycle preservation

Sand riding

Sand thumbnail

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This course is aimed at exactly what the title suggests - sand riding - and is aimed at any and all who aim to overcome their fear of riding in sand.

The course starts on Friday morning and ends with Sunday lunch. It covers all aspects of sand riding and provides a steady learning curve.

This course is great for anyone lacking a bit of confidence when riding sand or for those who need to get rid of bad habits that may have accumulated over years of self-taught riding. Having completed this course, you will be able to ride sand with confidence!

What you will learn

  • Important theory on sand riding
  • In-depth discussions on protective clothing, tyre pressure, trouble shooting etc.
  • General bike maintenance
  • Balance exercises
  • Overcoming obstacles such as thick sand, water, logs & holes in the road, uphills & downhills etc.
  • Emergency braking
  • Outride

Dirt bike fundamentals for enduro riders


This course has been designed for riders of off-road or enduro bikes - typically between 125cc and 550cc.

The course covers all aspects of riding a dirt bike, right up to advanced techniques used for crossing difficult terrain.

What you will learn

  • Riding position & riding style when riding your bike
  • Balancing & slow riding, to improve skill on your bike in difficult terrain
  • High speed cornering, wheelies and stoppies
  • Jumping a dirt bike
  • Crossing over large logs and holes with your bike
  • Emergency stops on gravel
  • Steep uphills and downhills
  • How to ride rocks, 'whoops' and sand!

Eastern Cape



The Aberdeen Academy is situated 20 km North of Aberdeen in the Eastern Cape. It offers traditional Karoo hospitality combined with excellent training facilities.

The venue offers comfortable accommodation to ensure that everyone is well rested.

Weekend, intermediate off-road riding


Crossways Farm Village
Port Elizabeth

For the convenience of participants who live in the Eastern Cape, we present the Introduction to Off-road Riding course close to Port Elizabeth. This venue offers basic off-road riding conditions - ideal for training in a controlled environment.


Free State


Middelwater Farm

Middelwater Farm is located just off the N1 on the R30 Brandfort Road, approximately 27km from the Nelson Mandela Road off-ramp on the N1 in Bloemfontein.

Introduction to off-road riding

Accelerated weekend, intermediate off-road riding




Country Trax Gauteng
Kempton Park

Country Trax Gauteng is located on the grounds of 4mybike in close proximity to the OR Tambo Airport. Central and convenient for all Gauteng riders.




Virginia Trails

Virginia Trails is well known for its timber plantations, sugar cane fields, grasslands and indigineous bush. All there for you to enjoy as part of your adventure training experience.





The Capricorn Racing Club is located in Polokwane - near the center of the Limpopo province. This facility offers a number of carefully selected training areas where riders can safely participate in off-road exercises.

Conveniently located opposite the Capricorn Racing Club, is the Polokwane Game and Caravan park. Your family can go for a game drive while you "Double your skills and halve your fears!"

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All courses scheduled to take place at this venue are fully booked. Please tell us that you are interested in attending courses at this venue, so we can notify you when more courses have been scheduled.





The 600-hectare Country Trax site is situated near Amersfoort in Mpumalanga, and Jan du Toit has specially designed and prepared the facilities for off-road training of the highest standard.

Weekend, intermediate off-road riding

Advanced off-road riding

Dirt bike fundamentals for enduro riders



Country Trax Lowveld is situated at the Old Nelspruit Airfield, about 7km out from the Nelspruit CBD on the Kaapsehoop Road. The Old Airfield offer a supurb training environment with open grass areas, as well as twisty gravel routes. With amenities such as a restaurant in close proximity to the runway, aviation is within reach to satisfy the thirst of aviation and adventure fanatics, the perfect playground for the Introduction to Off-Road Riding Course.

For the more adventurous, the Kishugu Training Academy, situated about 6 km from the Steiltes Circle on the Uitkyk Road, offer 7 Hectares of Off-Road Paradise. Here we present the Intoduction to Off-Road Riding Plus course. Uphills, Sand, Rocks, Water Crossings and some mud always promise the elevate the heartrate to increase those riding skill levels.

With the Lowveld offering scenic off-road routes such as, The Kruger Park Fence Ride, Swaziland Border Route, Gold Digging twee spoor as well as visiting the old mining town of Diepgezet and the Hydroelectric power station, Belverdere, this is the perfect weekend destination to test those newly acquired Skills.


North West Province


Nampo Park

Country Trax North West is one of our many fabulous training facilities situated at Nampo Park, 17 km from Bothaville on the R30. The perfect playground for the Introduction to Off-Road Riding Course, all there for you to enjoy as part of your adventure training experience.

You will be in the good hands of our qualified Country Trax Instructors, where you will learn new skills and where you will have ample time to put it to the test.


Western Cape



For the convenience of participants who live in the Garden Route, we are presenting the Introduction to Off-road Riding course in George.

The venue has been specially prepared to simulate the basic off-road condition in order for us to provide training in a safe environment.



Klipbokkop is much more than a training venue, it is an experience in its own right. The views are nothing short of spectacular, the staff is friendly, the coffee is good, the food is amazing, the training facilities (both man made and natural) are world class and everything runs like clockwork.

The training areas include two large man-made quarries. Each of these quarries offer flat gravel surfaces for slow speed bike control exercises as well as a variety of slopes (long, short, easy gradient, steep gradient, offcamber etc) and obstacles for more advanced exercises. The oval track is used for high speed braking and cornering exercises.

There are several areas with natural obstacles on the farm, but the area that makes Klipbokkop truely unique is the natural sand found along the Brandvlei dam. This includes many kilometres of beach sand that varies from firm (close to the water) to very loose (Further away from the dam) - which we use to gradually build confidence. Large areas of flat sand are used to practise cornering and there are even some dunes for the brave. Finally the labyrinth of sandy and twisty jeep tracks adds the icing on the cake to prepare you for the real world sandy tracks of the West Coast, Namibia, Mozambique etc.



Skilpadvlei is a working wine farm located near Stellenbosch, a 30 minute ride from Cape Town. This venue offers a great combination of open areas covered with grass, gravel roads between vineyards and single tracks around the dams.

The venue has a lawn the size of a rugby field that provides plenty of space and gradual slopes for slow speed, bike control exercises. This area is perfect for most of the morning's riding exercises as it offers participants the opportunity to become familiar with the reduced traction of off-road riding whilst limiting the risk of injury to man and machine.

Skilpadvlei prides themselves on providing sizeable portions of tasty food from their restaurant. The training courses are no exception and you are guaranteed to have plenty of energy for the afternoon's training session.

We use the gravel roads on the farm for the emergency braking exercise and the outride on minor gravel roads between the vineyards will be a highlight for the day.

Most of the riding is done in close proximity to the restaurant with easy access to drinking water and restrooms.


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